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How do I use e-Shop Ja?

Using e-Shop Ja is simple. Just go through the 5 steps below to learn how.


Find the item you want e-Shop Ja to Purchase and Ship. In this case, it's a Toshiba netbook.

Find your item

Copy the URL of the webpage containing the item by highlighting the URL, right click, choose 'Copy'.

Copy the URL

Login to eshopja.com and choose 'Start Shopping' from the Online Shopping Menu.

1.login         2.Start Shopping

Paste the URL previously copied into the 'Website...' field by right clicking and selecting 'Paste'.

Paste URL


Complete the form and click 'Submit.

Check your email for a confirmation link. Click it to confirm your order so that processing may begin.

Check email and confirm your order

You will receive your first invoice within 24hrs. Upon payment, the item will be purchased and shipped.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2011 20:07

How do I make e-Shop Ja ship an item I've already bought myself?

  1. First fill out an Pre-Ship Alert form.
  2. Download a Clearance Authorization form from the Download Forms Menu. Print it, fill it out and send it to us via fax (978-5158) or email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
  3. Send your item to our USA Delivery Address:
    eshopja-kinxxxxx (where xxxxx is your KIN)
    8005 NW 80th Street Unit #4
    Miami FL 33166
  4. Youll be contacted via email or phone call with tracking and payment details
Last Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2011 17:05

How do I purchase more than one item at a time?

If items are located on different sites (online merchants) then a purchase request form will have to be filled out for each site.

Last Updated on Monday, 10 October 2011 01:39

How do I cancel a purchase?

You can cancel a purchase and receive a refund once the item purchased has not been shipped from the supplier. If the item has been shipped, it can be returned. However, all associated costs such as restocking fee and shipping cost (if applicable) will be charged to your account.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2011 17:01

How do I purchase items without an International Credit Card?

We'll handle all credit card transactions. All you need to do is pay us via Cash, Debit Card, MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2011 16:58

What is the cost of shipping and delivery?

Inland shipping costs are quoted online at the time of purchase. Shipping and delivery costs to Jamaica vary according to package weight and size. Cost for delivery to your door is already included. Conditions apply.

Last Updated on Monday, 10 October 2011 01:37

How long will it take to receive my purchase?

Normally, packages are available at our offices within 7 days from the date of shipment. Ask your shopping assistant to provide you with tracking information for your added convenience.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2011 17:03

How do I get the shipping status of the items I purchased?

We will forward the tracking number for your package as soon as it is shipped and will contact you as soon as we receive it in Jamaica.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2011 17:02

How do I make a payment?

Invoices are charged in US dollars and are payable in Ja dollars at the prevailing exchange rate upon date of final payment.

Eshop Ja offers several ways to pay for registration and shipping.


1. Bank Deposit

Payment can be made at any branch of National Commercial Bank (NCB)

Account Name: eshop Ja
Account #: 061052909 JMD or 064502441 USD.

When making a bank deposit kindly ad your KIN number for easy identification of your deposit.

Upon payment by bank deposit, please fill out a Payment Notification Form.


2. Customer Care Center

You may also make payments at our Customer Care Center at 102 Old Hope Road Kingston 6.

We accept:

  • Debit Cards
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Cash in US or Ja currency

Please note that a Credit Card Authorization form needs to be filled out if paying by credit card. You can download it by clicking here.

For more information on payments made to Eshop Ja. please Contact Us.

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