e-Shop Ja

How do I use e-Shop Ja?

Using e-Shop Ja is simple. Just go through the 5 steps below to learn how.


Find the item you want e-Shop Ja to Purchase and Ship. In this case, it's a Toshiba netbook.

Find your item

Copy the URL of the webpage containing the item by highlighting the URL, right click, choose 'Copy'.

Copy the URL

Login to eshopja.com and choose 'Start Shopping' from the Online Shopping Menu.

1.login         2.Start Shopping

Paste the URL previously copied into the 'Website...' field by right clicking and selecting 'Paste'.

Paste URL


Complete the form and click 'Submit.

Check your email for a confirmation link. Click it to confirm your order so that processing may begin.

Check email and confirm your order

You will receive your first invoice within 24hrs. Upon payment, the item will be purchased and shipped.

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