1. In consideration of the charges for the movement of any shipment, it is agreed that the liability of e-Shop Ja shall be limited, in any event, to the sum of $100.00 US Dollars.

2. No Liability whatsoever is assumed for delay in delivery or for consequential damages of any kind, such as loss of income, loss of interest or loss of business opportunity, or any loss or damage
arising from the inherent nature of the goods.

3. e-Shop Ja does not agree to carry and it is agreed that e-Shop Ja accepts no liability for items of unusual intrinsic value such as cash, negotiable securities, jewels, furs or like.

4. Our method of operation includes inter alia carrying on board the aircraft, accompanied passenger baggage and unaccompanied air freight. The term “Courier Service” does not necessarily imply that a man will be on board the aircraft.

5. In the event that the Customer fails to make payment within 30 days after said balance is established, said balance shall bear an additional service and handling charge at the rate 1% per month and e-Shop Ja will, as its option, turn the said balance over to an attorney for collection and there shall then be added to the balance due, as and for the attorney’s fees, either the actual fee to be paid to the attorney for his services of the minimum fees recommended by the local Bar Association, whatever is less or sell said items for recovery of balance outstanding.

6. An annual membership fee of US$30 is required upon registration. No refunds will be granted after 15 days.

7. All imports are subject government cess, duties, customs fees and GCT.


E-shop will not be liable for refund/return on any shipment.

The confirmation of items to be purchased/shipped in the form of our Purchase Request once accepted by the customer, and sent to us prior to the purchasing and shipping of any item(s) is our only form of proof/confirmation of each transaction.

After confirmation of the Purchase Request and after receiving item(s), for whatever reason you may wish to return the item(s), it will be your sole responsibility to contact the online merchant/store to make the necessary arrangements.